LG Dishwashers: Features and Benefits

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LG dishwashers offer the best of both worlds – exceptional performance, along with a range of innovative and convenient features. In this guide, you’ll learn about the top features & benefits of owning an LG dishwasher.


LG Dishwashers are among the most reliable, efficient and quiet models available on the market today. Whether you’re choosing one for your kitchen or replacing an old unit, there are many features to consider before making a decision. This complete guide will provide insight into all of the features and benefits that LG Dishwashers offer so that you can make an informed purchase.

We will begin with a general overview of the dishwasher industry, including the various types of machines available, as well as recommended energy efficiency levels in order to qualify for energy star ratings. We’ll then move on to discussing some of the unique features offered by LG Dishwashers, such as advanced cleaning technologies and Smart Diagnosis™ technology for remote troubleshooting and repairs. Finally, we’ll wrap up with a look at some of the extra benefits that come with owning an LG dishwasher, such as extended warranties and helpful customer service agents. By exploring all these factors in detail, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about which model is best for your needs.

Brief overview of LG dishwashers

LG is one of the leading appliance manufacturers in the world, offering a wide range of dishwashers with the latest features and technology. LG dishwashers are designed to offer optimal cleaning results while conserving water and energy. The LG selection includes both free-standing and built-in models, so there’s something to suit every kitchen design and budget.

From family-sized models with numerous custom programs, to compact sizes that fit in any space, you can find exactly what you need. The benefits of an LG dishwasher include innovative features that make loading and unloading easier, powerful spray jets for thorough cleaning performance, adjustable shelving to fit larger items, and adjustable racks that can get hard-to-reach places for a deep clean.

Smart technology provides an interactive display for diagnostics, monitor wash cycle time, delay start options and more. Many models are Energy Star certified for energy efficiency which helps save money on utility bills over time. Plus LG dishwashers come in colors to match your style and décor – from sleek black stainless steel to white or silver – so you’re sure find one that enhances your kitchen’s look.

LG Dishwasher Features

LG offers a variety of features in their dishwasher lines to meet a range of needs. With each feature, you can find corresponding benefits that come with the product. To help you find the best dishwasher for your household, take a look at some of the features and benefits offered by LG.

  1. SmartThinQ Technology: LG’s SmartThinQ technology connects dishwashers to other smart home devices so you can control everything from one convenient platform. This allows your dishwasher to adapt its settings with AI-driven technology to provide an optimal performance based on usage. With your smart home coordinator, you also get real-time notifications when it’s time to refill detergent or empty cleaners when needed.
  2. TrueSteam Technology: TrueSteam technology uses steam cleaning instead of traditional hot water washing to deliver spotless dishes every time. Its 3-step hybrid system utilizes hot water along with high pressure and steam injection at multiple rinse stages for producing outstanding results without streaks or residue found on dishes after a traditional wash cycle has been completed.
  3. QuadWash System: QuadWash combines the power of four spray arms instead of relying on just one to get dishes clean more quickly and efficiently than ever before. The system provides even more coverage for stubborn, caked-on foods as well as reducing noise levels from running too loudly in open kitchens and living spaces.

4 Direct Drive Motor: To reduce vibrations during operation, LG equips their dishwashers with an Inverter Direct Drive Motor combined with stainless steel material parts for lasting performance and durability over time—even after years off heavy use! This is also quieter than standard motors, contributing further towards low operating noise wherever possible when it’s running.

SmartThinQ Technology

LG’s range of dishwashers feature SmartThinQ® Technology, enabled with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to control, monitor and troubleshoot your dishwasher from your smartphone. The SmartThinQ app allows you to customize cycle settings depending on load size and soil level, with settings specifically designed for glasses and Pot Scrubber. You can also receive notifications when a cycle is completed, track operational time and usage history of your dishwasher, as well as monitor real-time energy consumption.

LG’s Wi-Fi enabled dishwashers are certified to work with Amazon Alexa giving you the flexibility to control cycles using voice commands. Additionally, some models come with built-in water heaters which allow you to choose from either the “SmartIntenseWash” or “SmartHeatedDry” cycle for faster drying times without sacrificing cleaning performance.

III. LG Dishwasher Benefits

LG is dedicated to providing high-quality dishwashers that make your life easier. Here are some of the most unique benefits of choosing LG dishwashers for your kitchen:

– Energy efficiency: All LG dishwashers are certified by energy star, meaning they use 30% less electricity than other models. This helps save you money and conserve energy.

– Freshwash™: This feature gets dishes clean on the first cycle, eliminating the need for a second cycle.

– EasyRack™ Plus system: This adjustable rack can hold up to 15 place settings inside two racks that are easily adjustable and move in three directions.

– Sanitary cycle: The sanitary cycle uses high temperatures that are ideal for killing bacteria and germs on dishes while also providing deep clean results with no additional chemicals needed.

– Inverter Direct Drive Motor™: The motor runs more quietly with fewer moving parts, making it durable and reliable over time.

– Voice activation: You can conveniently control your dishwasher with the touch of a button or with voice activation commands through the 3rd Generation ThinQ app technology.


Time-saving features in LG dishwashers helps to drastically reduce your dishwashing time. Features such as adjustable third racks, dual spray arms and variable spray pressure allow for items of all shapes and sizes to be washed effectively and quickly.

LG’s QuadWashTM technology incorporates four spray arms instead of two which gives dishes a more thorough wash with fewer passes needed. The combination of higher pressure, along with the four spray arms, helps the cleaner effectively remove stuck on particles without any pre-rinsing or scrubbing.

These impressive Time-saving technologies by LG also reduce water and energy use – saving you money in the long run!

Quick and efficient cleaning

LG Dishwashers make cleaning dishes fast and effective, getting them clean on the first run. LG dishwashers use TurboWash technology for efficient cleaning performance by combining intense water pressure and powerful hot steam. This allows the dishwasher to reduce cycle times to about half of the standard time for a quick and efficient clean.

The TrueSteam Spray Arm creates droplets that are 40% smaller than conventional spray systems, giving you a deep clean with fewer spots on your dishes. Self-sanitizing cycle with TrueSteam uses hot steam to safely sanitize dishes without having to pre-rinse the dishes first. It can even help remove dried-on food messes without pre-washing, delivering superior drying performance that eliminates any trace of moisture in your dishes.

SmartThinQ Technology

LG’s range of innovative dishwashers not only provide superior cleaning performance, but they also offer the convenience of SmartThinQ technology. This advanced system allows you to remotely control your dishwasher with the SmartThinQ app, so you get to enjoy more efficient cleaning performance and peace of mind.

In addition to remote control, SmartThinQ dishwashers come with a range of convenient features. These include:

-Dual spray jets – Two jets with different spray patterns help clean dishes from top and bottom for more effective washing results.

-Auto detergent dispenser – A dispenser automatically releases the correct amount of detergent for every load for consistent results every time.

-Quiet operation – Even at full volume, LG dishwashers’ noise level hovers around 48dB for comfortable washing without disturbing your home environment.

-HomeConnect Wi-Fi capability – You can access and control your dishwasher from anywhere with a laptop or smartphone via the LG Home appliances mobile app.

-Smart Cycle Selector – The preset Smart Cycle options allow you to select the optimal cycle according to how dirty or greasy your dishes are so you get perfect results every time!

LG Dishwasher Models

LG offers a wide range of dishwasher models to meet your needs. LG dishwashers are available in both traditional and integrated models with a number of features, including SmartThinQ technology, steam cleaning, and QuietClean motor.

Below is a list of popular LG dishwasher models and their features.

Model 1: LG QuadWash Dishwasher (LDP6797ST) – The QuadWash system allows you to clean dishes on all four sides simultaneously for an effective and thorough clean. This model also comes with SmartThinQ technology that allows you to monitor wash cycles remotely from your smartphone device. Additionally, it has steam cleaning and temperature boosting technologies for added convenience and top-quality performance.

Model 2: LG TrueSteam TopControl Tall Tub Dishwasher (LDF7774ST) – This tall tub dishwasher has TrueSteam technology which sanitizes dishes by emitting pressurized steam on all levels during the cycle. It also has 10 distinct options such as Heavy Wash, Express Cycle, Sani Rinse+, delay start options, etc., for maximum versatility and control over your washing needs. Additionally, this model comes with adjustable racking options to perfectly fit plate heights up to 11\.5 inches tall.

Model 3: LG Front Control Top Rack Dishwasher (LDF5545ST) – This front control top rack dishwasher offers efficient performance while featuring top rack washing in the upper rack only for easier loading and unloading of dishes that are solely placed on the upper rack. With 10 distinct wash programs you can customize the wash cycles according to specific needs like Heavy Wash or Rinse & Hold for added convenience. Additionally, this model comes with 6 Motion Technology which helps guide spray arms around items so no surface is left untouched resulting in a deep clean every time!

LG Front Control Dishwashers

LG Front Control Dishwashers offer a wide range of powerful and convenient features that make cleaning dishes easier than ever. With innovative technology and superior performance, it’s easy to find the perfect dishwasher for your home. Front Control Dishwashers are available in stainless steel, black stainless steel and white.

Features include:

  • Dual Zone Pot & Pan cycle to customize washing results with different temperatures needed in one load
  • EasyRack™ Plus system offers nine possible rack positions to smoothly adjust between three heights and three angles to accommodate any size dishes
  • A TrueSteam™ generator that generates real steam in several seconds as an additional rinse cycle
  • Optimized Cycles sense soil levels using AI technology for consistent cleaning performance
  • Quiet operation with Insulation Blanket Technology for quieter clean cycles
  • TrueBalance™ Anti-vibration System reduces noise and vibration on all levels of the home
  • Inverter DirectDrive Motor provides powerful but quiet operation by detecting small amounts of force on the drum during wash cycles
  • SmartThinQ® Technology connects to compatible smartphones with the LG SmartThinQ app providing you with additional convenience and control over your dishwashing experience.

Buying Considerations

When shopping for a new dishwasher, there are key features and benefits that should be taken into consideration. Beyond the traditional washing capabilities, many LG dishwashers offer advanced features that provide extra convenience, convenience and performance.

Energy Efficiency: LG offers a line of energy-efficient models that reduce water and electricity consumption while delivering superior cleaning performance. Most models use up to 15% less energy than other Energy Star-certified dishwashers. Additionally, some LG models feature DualControl Technology, which allows two separate levels of scrubbing action to minimize water usage while increasing efficiency in larger loads.

Added Features: Convenience is a top priority when it comes to selecting a dishwasher, which is why some LG models offer helpful added features such as dedicated place setting buttons for different types of foods as well as smart load detection technology to automatically adjust cycle duration depending on how dirty your dishes are. In addition, many LG units feature sound dampening elements such as LoDecibel™ quiet operation and Insulated Tub construction for superior sound insulation in order to keep your kitchen quiet during the cycle cleaning process.

Durability: All LG dishwashers are designed with durable materials and high-quality construction for enduring performance over time. With advanced spray arms embedded with diamond particles that further improve cleaning and preventive maintenance capabilities as well as durable rust-proof stainless steel tubs that resist corrosion from detergent residue accumulation over time, an LG dishwasher can help ensure reliable operation for years down the line.


When selecting an LG dishwasher, one of the most important considerations is the capacity of the appliance. Knowing how much space you need in your dishwasher can help you decide on a model that fits your needs. This guide will discuss the features and benefits associated with each size option so that you can make an informed decision.

The majority of LG dishwashers are built with a range of capacities to fit any kitchen size or family size. You’ll find options that range from 14 place settings up to 18 place settings, depending on the model. This means that these dishwashers can accommodate up to four days worth of dishes for a large family or single person with plenty of leftovers.

All models include adjustable upper racks, with some models even including adjustable tines for different-sized items and custom configurations – making it easy to adjust for bigger loads. With adjustable cycle times, temperature control and intensive wash cycles, these appliances provide maximum efficiency without compromising on water and energy savings; use select cycles for washing glassware, fine china, cooking utensils or casserole dishes without any damage or wear.


We hope this guide has been helpful in understanding the different features and benefits of LG dishwashers. When choosing a new dishwasher, it is important to consider your needs, both in terms of household size and specific dishes you may have. LG offers a wide range of dishwashers with many different options, so you’ll be sure to find something that fits your needs.

Plus, you can rest easy knowing that with an LG dishwasher, you’re investing in high-quality appliances that come with impressive warranties.

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